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So Why Work in Adult Social Care?

Before beginning your training and development, it is important to understand that the adult social care industry is often unfairly or negatively portrayed in the press. Negative stories tend to be the only ones in the headlines, which can lead to a distorted view of the sector.


The sector is, however, full of genuinely caring people who want to make a positive difference. In our business, home care professionals provide care and support for people in the comfort of their own homes.


These people may be suffering from long-term health and age-related illness or mobility issues. Working in the industry can provide you with a lasting and rewarding career. There are many reasons to work in adult social care, some of which include:

There are many reasons to work in adult social care, some of which include:

Reason 1

The smallest thing you do can make the biggest difference to the person you are supporting. You often get huge appreciation from your customers for your thoughtfulness and support.

Reason 2

You get lots of crucial training and development that build your confidence. You learn to be adaptable, and resourceful, and develop transferable life skills--giving you an edge in any situation.


Reason 3

There are many qualifications you can study for and obtain whilst working in the sector, which can help you advance your career.


Reason 4

Working hours can be flexible to better fit your lifestyle and personal or family commitments. This might include working in the evening, overnight, or for shorter hours.


Reson 5

No two days will be the same as you care for a diverse group of people with varying needs. The individuality of each person you care for will make your job interesting and rewarding.


Reason 6

You will be part of a valued team where your input is seen as valuable. You will be working with other medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and social workers to provide the best possible care for patients.


Reason 7

Finally, going through training and development will be interesting and fun! You will get a new perspective on life, hear great stories, and obtain lots of wisdom from a great number of people.