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At STN Care, we offer a variety of specialist care options to help you or your loved ones stay safe and comfortable at home. When you speak to our specialist care team, we can discuss your needs, the different services we offer, the cost of home care visits, and how we can help you live life to the fullest and maintain your independence. See some of the specific areas we can assist with below.

Elderly Care 


It is not unusual for people to need more assistance and support as they age. Here at [company name], we offer person-centered specialist care that is designed to be as unique as the individual. Our main focus is to allow seniors to age in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by memories, rather than in an unfamiliar assisted living facility.

Our care services provide peace of mind not only to the seniors receiving care but also to their families. We are always available to offer help and support, and our services are flexible so that we can change the level of care being provided as the individual's needs and preferences change.

Dementia Care

A recent survey carried out by the Alzheimer’s society found that 85% of people with a dementia diagnosis would like to remain own their own homes. Partnership with STN Care makes this want a reality.



STN care experts are trained and experienced in offering the correct support so that a loved one living with dementia can still lead a full, active, happy life all in the comfort of their own home. If necessary, we can offer 24-hour care so there is always someone on hand to offer care and support.

Wellbeing Visits


STN Care's services can provide needed companionship for the elderly who may often go for long periods of time without talking to anyone. This can offer peace of mind to other family members, knowing that there is always someone available to help if necessary. The frequency of visits can be customized to fit your preferences.

Disability Care for Adults


We know that a person with a disability may face some challenges living independently in their own homes, but we are here to offer help and support to promote and enable a positive lifestyle and enhance both physical and mental well-being. Our services are very flexible, and we can offer an individually tailored, bespoke package of specialist care, designed with you to offer exactly the care and support you need.

Respite Care


Sometimes a regular carer or family member who provides care can need to take a break, and that's where our respite care service can help. We can provide seamless care when a regular carer is unavailable, giving everyone peace of mind. Our respite care can be tailored to the individual and arranged flexibly to suit your needs.

Personal Care


STN Care can offer personal care to aid with personal and household activities, helping you to stay within your own home safely. Our person-centered assessment will help us design a package of care that is right for you. Our fully trained and respectful care experts can help with tasks such as bathing and continence care, alongside household tasks, meal preparation, and other assistance. Our personal care can be flexible, and we can provide as few or many visits per week as you require. This can give the whole family a feeling of reassurance that their loved one is able to remain in their home environment safely and happily.

Overnight Care

If you or a loved one struggles with the end of the daily routine or needs to get up at night, STN Care can offer overnight care. This care can be tailored to your own personal needs and can provide reassurance to the whole family group.

Complex Care

Sometimes known as continuing care, it describes care offered to someone who lives with substantial long-term health needs often as a result of chronic illness or disability. Our complex care can be completed tailored to you and is flexible being able to change quickly as care needs change. Fully trained care experts can support an individual to remain at home and live an enriched, fulfilled life.

Palliative Care

We are committed to supporting individuals with a range of needs, including those with terminal illnesses. Our care experts have training in palliative care and can offer compassionate solutions for the emotional and physical obstacles that may arise. Our flexible care can quickly react to any changes in need or circumstance. We are here to make you or your loved one as comfortable as possible.

End of Life Care

End-of-life care is a specialized type of palliative care you receive when the medical professionals conclude that there is no further treatment that can be offered and you are now entering your end-of-life journey.


This will include a multi-disciplinary team, which may involve a hospice consultant, community matrons, district nurses, doctors, and care providers.


Our carers have a vital role and a senior carer heads up the team as "end-of-life" care begins. We care for the individual as well as support their friends and family at this difficult time, as they may also require guidance and a shoulder to lean on. When our carers arrive, it gives family and friends a break. The senior role will be to answer their questions honestly, with no false hope, and plenty of TLC.

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